How many buddings before the mother cell autolyse?

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Tue Apr 19 15:12:03 EST 1994

Tae Hoon Kim wrote:
>Hello. I am an undergraduate student working on a senior thesis project
>involving the possible relationship between senescence and programmed cell
>death. A small part of my thesis deals with evolution of cell death 
>mechanisms in relation to programmed cell death and cellular senescence. 
>I have ran across some interesting literature on yeast senescence.
>Scar on the cell wall of S cerevisiae limits the potential number
>of cell budding before the mother cell autolysis. Based on the surface area
>the maximum potential number of buddings before the entire cell wall is 
>covered with budding scars is about 100. Is it true that observed number
>of budding before autolysis is smaller than the limit set by the cell wall
>I would appreciate any comments concerning this matter. 
>Tae Hoon Kim
>tkim at
>Reed College
Take a look at:
  Jazwinski SM.  Chen JB.  Sun J.                                             |
  A single gene change can extend yeast life span: the role of Ras in         |
  cellular senescence. [Review]                                               |
  Adv Exp Med Biol.  330:45-53, 1993.                                         |
Also look at earlier papers by Jazwinski.

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