reporter genes for yeast

Mark Johnston mj at SEQUENCER.WUSTL.EDU
Wed Apr 20 18:20:36 EST 1994

Hi buddies,

        As part of our sequencing project here in St. Louis, we are
planning a large-scale gene disruption project.  In addition to disrupting
genes, we would like also to construct promoter fusions to a reporter gene
for measuring levels and regulation of gene expression.  I am writing to
ask for advice on reporters to use.  The reporter must have the following

        1.  small size (< ~ 2kb), so it is PCRable;

        2.  easy to assay (preferably with permealized cells);

        3.  relatively sensitive assay, (so it can detect expression from
weak promoters);

        4.  no sequence homology to the yeast genome;  

        5.  (optional) provide a visual screen for activity;

        6.  (optional) provide a selection for and/or against function (for
                                 regulatory mutants).

If anyone knows of a good reporter that has these properties, I'd
appreciate hearing about it.  You can answer me directly, and I'll
summarize the responses for the group.  Thanks.


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