plasmid for ade2 disruption

Wed Apr 20 09:07:47 EST 1994

Dear Yeast net,

   I have a couple of strains which I wish to make ade2
so that I can screen for red colonies on YEPD; I don't want to
do this by crossing because they have been constructed to
lack Ty1 or Ty3 elements, which presumably would be transferred
along with an ade2 marker.  Does anybody have a plasmid carrying
an ade2 disruption with URA3, HIS3, TRP1 or LYS2?  Alternatively,
if anyone knows of a method of selecting spontaneous ade2 mutants
other than plating a million colonies on YEPD, I would be very
grateful for any assistance.  Thanks in advance.

                             Cliff Zeyl
                             Dept. of Biology, McGill University
                             1205 Dr Penfield Ave
                             Montreal, Quebec H3A 1B1 Canada

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