how old can a yeast get?

Tomas Drgon DRGON at
Thu Apr 21 04:15:05 EST 1994

> Dear buddies (sorry - I don't mean to be a speciesist, but this IS a
> S. cer. stuff),
> I am not entirely sure whether anybody ever saw a yeast cell autolyze
> because of old age. What I remember from some talk a while ago, S. cer.
> cells with up to 40 bud scars have been observed. However, as the
> number of scars increases, following the individual old cells becomes
> more and more difficult as they form a smaller and smaller fraction
> of the population. Some three or four years ago I came across a paper
> describing the isolation of old yeast cells but I did not follow what
> came out of it later on. But I guess that you might find some interesting
> stuff related to aging in yeast if you look for papers by Egilmez et al.
> (I hope I remembered the spelling right.)
> Hoping it helped to sooth your curiosity -
>                             Fatima
Nazdar Fatima.
Is this a yeast model for apoptosis?


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