usage of 3-AT

Tien-Hsien Chang tchang at
Thu Apr 21 10:44:35 EST 1994

     (1) Am I supposed to make a stock solution of this chemical?

     (2) If yes, what solvent (water?) should I use?  What will be the most 
appropriate concentration for the stock solution?

     (3) How to store the stock solution?  How stable is it under such a 

     (4) How to administer this compound during plate pouring?  Should I add 
the stock solution until agar is sufficiently cool?

     (5) How should I store the 3-AT plates?  How long is the shelf life for 
these plates?

     Please post the reponses on this net, as I think many other netters may 
potentially be interested in this information.  Thanks in advance.

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