Glucose in cultures

Edward Braun ebraun at
Fri Dec 2 12:58:15 EST 1994

In the past we have used Glucose tes-tape (Eli Lilly) for routine
measurement of glucose in cultures, so we can determine when the
culture runs out of glucose.  Unfortunately, this product product is
apparently no longer available.  We have tried Clinistix (ames) but
they are actually a little too sensitive, since they turn a very dark
purple even with a little glucose, and the point a which glucose runs
out for a culture sneaks up on you!

Does anybody know of a product that allows you to make a rapid
approximate determination of glucose that is a little less sensitive
than Clinistix.  The nice thing about tes-tape was that it to about a
minute to develop color, so you could drop a little bit of culture on
the tape, return the culture to the shaker, and look at the tape. 
Clinistix develop color in about 10 seconds!

If you're using anything like tes-tape, please tell me.

Thanks in advance.

Edward Braun, UNM Biology  (ebraun at 

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