immunofluorescence of s.pombe

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Tue Dec 6 10:35:40 EST 1994

moser at U.WASHINGTON.EDU (Michael Moser) wrote:
> Dear Yeasties (and Beasties),
> =09I thought the recent posting from Anne Spang definitely deserves=20
> further discussion.
> On 1 Dec 1994, Anne Spang wrote:
> > I wondered why the protocols are so complicated and long.

I think you can rest assured that shorter protocols have been
tried on pombe by numbers of frustrated pombologists.  After
all, no one wants to spend four days doing IF.  But as iain
Hagan once said, pombe is a very different nut to crack.  I'd be 
interested to hear if anyone has had success with shorter protocols
but at some point you do have to become resigned to the fact
that pombe just aint cerevisiae!  (for which fact a number of us
are very grateful)

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