dissection scopes

Steve Kron kron at WI.MIT.EDU
Fri Dec 9 08:19:05 EST 1994

Dear Michael and others needing dissection microscopes:

The concentration of yeast workers in Boston has the benefit of creating
competition among microscope dealers for the dissection scope market. 
Zeiss offers two different complete systems (which are probably available
from any local Zeiss rep) and Nikon (via Barry Alpert at Micro Video
Instruments, Avon MA) and Olympus offer packages modified locally.  Each
will give quotes at various "discounts" to academic institutions at about
$4300 for the whole system.  All three are perfectly useable mechanically
and each features high quality optics. I might lean toward the system from
Nikon/Barry Alpert. If your local rep is unable to provide you with a
complete system, have them call their Boston counterparts.   

I hope that this helps some avoid repeating the horrifying experience
reported by Michael C.


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