Problems with yeast

Hugh Hugh
Sat Dec 10 18:18:40 EST 1994

>   acohen at (Austen Cohen) writes:
>  We are having a problem with yeast contamination in our primary tissue 
>  culture. The cells we are trying to grow are Bovine testis. We have been told 
>  that by washing the monolayer with PBS may rectify the problem ???
>  We would also like to know if there are any anti-yeast products which may be 
>  used. 
>  Thanking you in advance
>  Austen Cohen
>  University of Cape Town
>  South Africa
I don't know the source of the product, but it's called Fungizone and the active 
ingredient is amphotericin which however is fungistatic and not fungicidal.

Ek hoop dit help.

Michael Kladde  
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