M. Charbonneau mcharbon at
Wed Dec 14 11:14:56 EST 1994

up-dating 14 december: I have now contacted the french consulate in LA,
then the Chamber of Commerce, then a Consumer Affairs Department, then a
Consumer Protection Agency of the concerned county near which I have filed
a complaint, which has recorded it and also transfered it to the Sheriff
Office. I talked to the Sheriff: he went and see Mr. Lawrence who told him
my microscope needed some repair, a week or two (did he break it?) and that
he would write to me. Mr. Lawrence did write to me, a letter of insults. In
addition, he wants me to apologize and says he will not do anything until I
do that. Of course I am not going to apologize for what He did to me. Can
anybody further help it? Can I take that guy into court free of charge for
me? If I cannot recover my property I hope that at least the rumor
propagated among yeast people along this network will make the Lawrence
Company get down.
Michel Charbonneau, mcharbon at

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