Steve Holzberg lhs at NATURE.BERKELEY.EDU
Wed Dec 14 21:04:11 EST 1994

I was looking for a yeast expression vector with the following characteristics:
        -His selection marker (no other nutritional marker will do)
        -constitutive yeast promoter
        -high copy number
        -all the necessary features for cloning in bacteria, preferably
If anyone has such a vector or knows where one can be found/purchased, I
would appreciate hearing about it. I haven't found any that were
comercially available, but there may be some from companies I'm not aware
of. My name is Steve Holzberg, I'm a graduate student at UC Berkeley and
can be reached as follows

        E-MAIL-lhs at nature.berkeley.edu

For your interest, I am working with a two hybrid system and I need the
vector for a "two hybrid plus one" approach.

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