Boston area technician needed

Hoffmacs Hoffmacs at HERMES.BC.EDU
Thu Dec 15 07:34:03 EST 1994

Hello netters,
My lab at Boston College studies adenylate cyclase activation in the fission
yeast S. pombe.  We are a standard yeast genetics lab (isolate mutants, clone
genes, subclone, sequence, disrupt, measure cAMP levels, PCR out mutant
alleles, SSCP, more sequencing, scratch heads, isolate more mutants,
complementation, linkage, high copy number suppression, two hybrid system
(once we get the damn bait in), primer extension, S1 mapping, Northerns,
Southerns, beta-galactosidase get the idea).  My current
technician is returning to the mid-Atlantic region (this is not an issue of
wanting to get away from my bad jokes), so I find myself in need of a new
technician.  If you are interested or know of someone in the Boston area (or
who wants to find a job in the Boston area) interested in such a position,
please Email me at HOFFMACS at or snail mail me at:
Charlie Hoffman
Boston College
Higgins Hall 315
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167.
Salary and benefits are negotiable.  I believe BC provides a generous
benefits package.  BC is a private university located just outside of Boston
in Newton (a nice environment).
Charlie Hoffman
"I'd rather be fission."

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