Mutant defective in karyogamy

Anne Spang spang at
Sat Dec 17 13:52:32 EST 1994

Hi Carla!
How many of your cells got this phenotyp? 90%? 
One thing, you could test is Facs analysis. If it is a division mutant,
you should get cells with replicated DNA, so 2n for haploids. Another
thing you should look at is the tubulin distribution by
immunofluorescence. Do you get a monopolar or bipolar spindle, perhaps no
spindle at all? Does the nucleus stack in the bud neck or is it still in
the mother cell? You could check this by DAPI- staining.
For the defects in karyogamy: Does your gene become essential during
conjugation? Do you have antibodies? Could you localize your protein by
immunofluorescence or subcellular fractionation?
 Mark Rose is very familiar with mutants defective in karyogamy. Here his

Hope this helps!

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