Glucose reppression of gal promoters

Hoffmacs Hoffmacs at HERMES.BC.EDU
Sun Dec 18 06:45:54 EST 1994

Dear Elias, friend, et al.,
Colin's first suggestion is the most obvious one.  To test it, you might have
your friend try streaking for single colony formation on glucose and
galactose containing media.  (I assume that the previous attempts involved
replica plating.)  This will demand many more doublings to give the
appearance of growth.  Good luck.
Charlie Hoffman
To: yeast at
From: Elias E. Coutavas on Fri, Dec 16, 1994 8:34 PM
Subject: Glucose reppression of gal promoters

A friend has an essential gene behind a gal promoter.  Shift to glucose
does not kill the cells.  Is this likely suppressor mutations or
readthrough?  No RNA can be detected on glucose.
Respond here or by email to him directly at aitchij at
Thank you.

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