Casamino acids to EMM medium?

Michael Moser moser at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Wed Dec 21 12:48:11 EST 1994

On 20 Dec 1994, Michael Benedik wrote:

> I was just wondering if adding casamino acids to EMM minimal medium for
> growing S. pombe will allow faster growth. Since we are mostly doing
> Ura selections this should work fine in theory, just want to know what
> pombe things of casamino acids.
Dear Michael,

I study pombe in a lab where every one else studies cerevisiae.  I tried
growing pombe on our version of SD medium which basically consists of
Difco yeast Nitrogen Base (YNB) + Casamino Acids (+Trp, Ura or Ade if
needed).  It grew much slower than on EMM.  I then found that fission
yeast actually will grow well on YNB with only the supplements needed (in
my case Ade, Ura, His and Leu).  I call this media NBA or Nitrogen Base
Agar after the following reference (Ponticelli, A. S. and Smith, G. R.
(1989) Genetics 123, 45-54) except I use 2% glucose.  I hope this helps.

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