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> > I'm also on the lookout for a good yeast meeting to attend - sometime in
> > mid 1995 if possible.  Anyone have any ideas?
> > You can reply direct to me at macdiarm at
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> > Colin MacDiarmid

Noreen (NOREEN.AKHTAR at GMM.GU.SE) writes:

> There is a yeast meeting in Portugal in june (10-16), the 17th
> international conference on yeast genetics and molecular biology.
> Contact the secretariat at:
> Laboratorio de Genetica Molecular
> Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia
> 2781 OEIRAS Codex
> Portugal
> Fax: 351 1443 1631
> There has already been a second announcement and the registration fee
> is lower if you register before 31 Jan 95.

There is also the Cold Spring Harbor yeast cell biology meeting.

You can see the schedule for all their meetings and classes at:

you will see:

Upcoming Meetings and Courses at CSHL 

           >> Programs for Meetings at CSHL 
           >> Programs for Courses at CSHL 

>> Programs for Meetings at CSHL 

Yeast Cell Biology 
      Tue 8/15 - Sun 8/20 
      Abstract Deadline: 5/31/95 
      T. Davis, M. Rose, T. Stevens 

(no additional info available yet)

>> Programs for Courses at CSHL 

Yeast Genetics 
      7/25 - 8/14 
      A. Adams, C. Kaiser, D. Gottschling 


July 25 - August 14, 1995

Alison Adams, University of Arizona
Chris Kaiser, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dan Gottschling, University of Chicago

The major laboratory techniques used in the genetic analysis of yeast
will be studied, including the isolation and characterization of
mutants, tetrad analysis, complementation, and mitotic recombination.
Micromanipulation used in tetrad analysis will be carried out by all
students.  Molecular genetic techniques, including yeast
transformation, gene replacement, analysis of gene fusions, and
electrophoretic separation of chromosomes will be applied to the
analysis of yeast DNA. Indirect immunofluorescence experiments will be
done to identify the nucleus, microtubules, and other cellular
components. Lectures on fundamental aspects of yeast genetics will be
presented along with seminars given by outside speakers on topics of
current interest.


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