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Fri Dec 23 12:25:27 EST 1994

On September 2, Simon Knight (simon.knight at UM.CC.UMICH.EDU) asked 

RDoes anyone know of a non-metabolizable glucose analog which will maintain 
transcription from an ADH1 promoter, while yeast are growing on a 
non-fermentable carbon source?S

In Journal of General Microbiology 132:3309 (1986), Egilsson et al described
RCatabolite repressive effects of 5-thio-D-glucose on Saccharomyces
cerevisiaeS.  They noted that TDerepression of mitochondrial respiratory
chain cytochromes, alcohol dehydrogenase  (isoenzyme II), .... was inhibited
by 0.5-2 mM-5TG. Growth was only slightly affected....The analogue seems 
to inhibit derepression of glucose repressible enzymes with greater
potency than glucose itselfU. What effect it has under the conditions in which
Simon is interested I donUt know (having not yet used 5TG myself).  The authors
are (were) at University Hospital of Iceland
Department of Pathology
Laboratory of Cell Biology
PO Box 1465
121 Reykjavik

If anyone has further experience with this analog, IUd be interested in
hearing about it!


Arle Kruckeberg
Dept. of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Univ. of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT
Great Britain

arle at

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