Riles-Olson coordinates

Michael Lichten lichten%bchem.dnet at
Thu Feb 3 16:02:14 EST 1994

Dear buddies,
Does anyone know of an easily accesible source of Riles-Olson fragment sizes? 
I mean the actual sizes of the R1/H3 fragments that they used for assembling
their contigs.  I know that such a list exists, because I once got a xerox
of a page of it from the ATCC.  Such a list is very handy if you are trying
to determine the orientation of a gene relative to the rest of a chromosome.
Don't ask why I need to do this--we recombination people do wierd things some-
The actual gene I need to orient is THR1, so if anyone out there knows the 
answer I'll shut up and go away.  But having the fragment size list on the net
would be nice.....

Michael Lichten
lichten at

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