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Subject: Coulter Counter
From: Eric Muller, emuller at
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 94 00:25:13 GMT
In article <emuller.1108289953A at> Eric Muller,
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>I am in the process of setting up and using a Coulter Counter Multisizer
>IIE.  Anybody have any experience with using Coulter Counter's that they
>would like to share, such as potential problems or novel uses?

the only problems I have had relate to airlocks in the vacuum line,
sludge in the system,  or clogs in the probe.  I use a Coulter to count
fixed pombe cells, usually to determine increase in cell number either
when following an elutriated sample, or after imposition of a cell cycle
block to find out where the block occurs etc.  Quite standard

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