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Tue Jan 11 11:25:28 EST 1994

Dear buds,

I was wandering if anyone has a CEN/ARS/TRP1 vector that has a pBR322 E.
coli origin that they could send me. My gene of interest can be toxic to
E. coli as a wild type gene and mutations are toxic if on a "super" 
high-copy E. coli plasmid (pUC origin).  If this vector doesn't exist,
etc, I would be indebted if someone would send me YRp7 so I can use its
TRP1 gene (the ends for cloning were destroyed when the TRP1 gene was
cloned into pBLUESCRIPT to make pRS304/pRS314). 

Thanks in advance,

David Dorris
Biology Program
Universty of Texas at Dallas
2601 N. Floyd Rd.
Richardson, TX 75083

dorris at

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