Zymolyase-100T (was: Miles Inc.)

Morris F. Manolson mm6y+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Jan 12 11:26:28 EST 1994

>I am looking for the coordinates of a Belgian or at least European
division of 
>the Miles Laboratories Inc.. In literature was mentioned that this company 
>sells zymolyase T100 which I would like to use for protoplasting Pichia
>I tried several other enzymes we had in the lab but none of them seemed to 
>work as they should. 
>Or do you know another company distributing the same 
> pure enzyme?  Many thanks in advance,

ICN Biomedicals Inc. sells Zymolysase-100T (from Arthrobacter luteus)
Cat #32-093.  Hope this helps, Morrie
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