Reply: What is the most exciting work in yeast?

Frank Li LI_N at
Thu Jan 13 02:28:07 EST 1994

Dear Susan and other buddies,

This is a small piece of hint to your interesting question: What is the
most exciting work in yeast? 

The hint is: while any none-buddy is talking about our organism these days,
what is the most frequently used term?

Imagine a Dr. Science who just cloned a gene he claimed to be the cure of
cancer. What is he going to do with this heaven gene if he has no clue how

Ha, he is coming to the nearest yeast lab and begging for a two-hybrid kit!

Well, you know: besides two-hybrid, we also have one-hybrid now (refer to
Yocum Li's paper in recent Science); and based on the properties of our
beloved GAL4 protein, there are many other tricks you can play with to
study your favourite protein or promoter sequences (refer to the latest
issue of Methods: A Companion to Methods in Enzymology edited by Stan Field
and Mark Johnston).

Dream on: half-hybrid, three-hybrid ... being an engineer of protein is
really something exciting!


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