Lysing yeast cells

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Thu Jan 13 21:08:46 EST 1994

We generally use a bead beater and glass beads to lyse the cells, but  
found quite a lot of lysate stayed with the beads.  Pek Lum, a grad  
student in my lab, can up with a great idea to solve the problem.  We  
turn the Eppendorf tube upside down and pierce the CAP.  (This is so  
the hole doesn't have to be exactly in the center of the pointy end.)   
We then put the tube UPSIDE down into a test tube (18 X 150 mm) and  
spin in a clinical centrifuge.  You need a long forceps to remove the  
Eppendorf tube.  If needed, the beads can be washed with another  
volume of lysis buffer.  After the spin, we retrieve the lysate from  
the glass tube and proceed with our fractionations.

Good luck.

Robin Wright   

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