lysing yeast cells, an update

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Fri Jan 14 20:26:25 EST 1994

I recently described a way to spin out the liquid following glass  
bead lysis of S. cerevisiae.  Pek Lum, who developed the protocol,  
has pointed out a couple of clarifications that are important.  

First of all, we use screw cap eppendorf tubes, not the flip top  
style.  This is important because the flip top tubes won't fit inside  
the larger tube.  Second, we turn the tube upside down in a 15 ml  
plastic conical centrifuge tube (the standard lab kind - Corning uses  
Orange caps; Fisher has blue caps).  The conical shape is important  
since it supports the screw cap eppendorf tube and prevents it from  
going all the way to the bottom of the tube.  

Robin Wright

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