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Sat Jan 15 15:23:42 EST 1994

tchang at (Tien-Hsien Chang) writes:

>     We are studying a particular drug resistance/sensitivity of the budding 
>yeast.  We noticed that the pH of the yeast culture in minimal medium 
>supplemented with required amino acids drops substantially to nearly 3.  This 
>created a problem for us, as the drug may get inactivated or converted to other
>chemical forms at such a low pH.

>     Is there any well-established protocol to buffer the SD (synthetic 
>dextrose) medium, both liquid and solid, allowing pH to be maintained at 7.0 in
>the culture ?  Any other relevant information or references will be greatly 

Synthetic media can be buffered to near neutral with 40 mM bis Tris
base (the other components of medium make the medium pH 7.2 without
addition of HCl).  See Brenner and Fuller, PNAS 89, p922-926, 1992.


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