lysing S. cerevisiae cells

Simon-Peter Williams s.p.williams at
Sat Jan 15 17:40:39 EST 1994

>We used to use a Braun MSK homogeniser but have recently purchased a BioSpec
>MiniBead-Beater-8.  I doubt that the Braun will get used again except for the
>occassional big (50g wet weight of cells) prep.  For all of the assays and RNA
>preps the MBB-8 is fantastic! [stuff deleted]. Forget vortexers.

I have a BioSpec Bead-Beater too.  It is very good, but I still reach for my 
trusty Sigma 8-place vortex adapter (about $20) to beat loads of little 
samples.  They do a 20-place thing for about the same price, but I haven't 
tried that.  

Simon Williams
Biochemistry Dept.
Cambridge University

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