lys marker

vjackiw at vjackiw at
Wed Jan 12 21:10:31 EST 1994

I am in need of a 2um or CEN vector with a lys marker.  If
anyone knows where I can get such a vector or a reference for
vectors with lys markers, I would greatly appreciate this
information.  I need a third vector to express a dimerization
partner for my transcription factor which is subcloned into a
vector with a trp marker.  My reporter gene is on a ura marker
vector and my strain in trp-, ura-, lys-.
Speaking of transfecting multiple plasmids, does anyone know if
this is feasible?  Are three plasmids too many to transfect; if 
so, I have heard that there are plasmids capable of expressing
more than one protein.  If anyone knows anything about these
plasmids, please share this information.
One more question, is it inadvisable to plate cells on media that
is minus for all three of the above auxotrophic requirements.  It
seems to me that replica plating is often used to screen for more
than one selectable marker, but wouldn't it be easier just to
subtract all requirements from your media to select for cells 
harboring two or more plasmids?
Thanks for all the help.

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