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In article <2h3qeh$fk at mserv1.dl.ac.uk> Hoffmacs, Hoffmacs at hermes.bc.edu
> I welcome all flaming that this may bring
>on, but as a member of the pombe minority in the yeast community, I get
>off by the use of the term "yeast" when people mean Saccharomyces
>Now you may think I am just flaming, but how many times has someone
asked you a
>question about some exotic yeast and were surprise that you do not know
>everything there is to know about every type of yeast on the planet?  

Just be happy we dont work on kluveromyces which is an even smaller
I have gotten used to handling all the two-hybrid questions from my
colleagues;  fortunately I used to work in budding yeast.   But the other
day someone (not a yeast person)  came in with a question about an
InVitrogen Yeast Expression Kit.  Turns out it uses Pichia.

"I dont know anything about Pichia,"  I said.
"Why not?"  he answered.  "It's yeast!"



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