please help

unknown at unknown at
Tue Jan 18 09:09:41 EST 1994

Dear buddies/pombies,

albeit it is not a "yeasty" question, I am turning to you as to the
last instance, since:

1. Quite a few of us (I hope) are interested not only in yeasts but
also in the cell cycle.

2. Somebody might by chance work in the same building or institution
as Marc Kirschner, whom I am desperately trying to locate...

So, does any of you know Marc Kirschner's address or fax? There
are rumors that he moved to Boston recently but his name does not
come up in "gopherable" phonebooks there, nor in other directories
on the net I have tried; his previous department did not respond 
to a fax. 

Thanks a lot in advance!

Fatima Cvrckova (fatima at

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