summary of pH responses

Tien-Hsien Chang tchang at
Thu Jan 20 15:40:15 EST 1994

     I have received several suggestions in responding to my previous posting 
regarding how to maintain pH in budding yeast cultures grown in SD media.  Here
I would like to provide a brief summary which may be of interest to others as 

     (1) Use 50 mM KPO4 buffer.  Good until the phosphate is metabolized by 
cells.  Some have indicated this process may be very rapid.

     (2) Use 50 mM Citrate buffer.  Can citrate be metabolized?

     (3) Succinate may also work.

     (4) Use Tris-HCl (may be at the conc. of 50 mM).

     (5) Use 40 mM Bis-Tris at pH 7.2 without addition of HCl (see Brenner and 
Fuller, PNAS, 89, 922-926).

     I thank those who took time to provide the valuable information and would 
be glad to hear more about it.

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