Zinc Toxicity

Dave Eide deide at ua.d.umn.edu
Thu Jan 20 08:32:26 EST 1994

> Hi.
> Does anybody have a reference or information on:
> The highest level of Zinc that Saccharomyces cerevisiae can grow 
> comfortably on? 
> (I know that it's probably strain-dependent, but a ballpark number 
> would be nice)
> How about 100-200 micromalar Zinc concentration on triple amino acid 
> (e.g. His-, Trp-, Leu-) dropout plates?
> Thanks,

We've found that W303- and S288C-derived strains can tolerate up to 5.0 mM ZnCl2
in YPD plates.  As far as SD plates go, I can't say but it is probably close to 
those numbers.


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