Yeast promoters in pBR322

Michael Lichten lichten%bchem.dnet at
Thu Jan 27 10:13:42 EST 1994

Dear buddies,

Thanks for all your replies to my inquiry about yeast promoters in pBR322 
sequences.  To summarize briefly:  Marczynski and Jaehning (1985) NAR 13:
8487 provide evidence of a yeast promoter in YCp19 near the pBR origin of 
replication, transcribing clockwise; however, the CEN portion of this 
vector might have disrupted promoters in the "tet" region of pBR322.  
Several of you have indicated that this region also contains a promoter.  
It would be useful to know if this promoter is located clockwise or 
anticlockwise from the BamH1 site, and what direction it points in.  
Finally, any estimates of the strength of this promoter would also be 

Again, thanks for your help

Michael Lichten
lichten at

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