Multicopy suppressor in CEN plasmid

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Wed Jan 26 11:44:54 EST 1994

Hi fellow members of the community of scientists who study various species of
I don't know of other cases of multicopy suppression, but I do know that CEN
plasmids can have copy numbers as high as six/cell.  You might check your copy
number.  Otherwise, try integrating the suppressor gene.
Charlie Hoffman
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From: David Stillman on Tue, Jan 25, 1994 5:34 PM
Subject: Multicopy suppressor in CEN plasmid
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Subject: Multicopy suppressor in CEN plasmid
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While using a YEp library to clone a gene we identified several multicopy
suppressors. However, we found that one of these genes suppresses when
present on a YCp plasmid. 

The original mutant is healthy, so we don't think it is a case where the
multicopy suppressor allows better growth and hence selects for incresed
copy number. 

Are there other cases of multicopy suppression from a CEN plasmid?


David Stillman
stillman at

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