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Mon Jan 31 03:10:31 EST 1994


Since the topic of the price and suppliers of Zymolyase has come up
frequently on this newsgroup since I have been reading it, I thought I
would throw in a few tidbits. Zymolyase was originally produced by Kirin
Breweries in Japan and was distributed in the U.S. by several companies,
including ICN and Miles. Seikagaku Kogyo (also of Japan) was a Japanese
distributor for Zymolyase and may have been distributing it to the American
companies (I don't know that for sure). Seikagaku America, Inc. has been
selling Zymolyase for at least several years at a significant savings, at
least relative to ICN's catalog prices. The information is as follows:

Seikagaku America, Inc.
30 West Gude Drive, Suite 260
Rockville, MD 20850-1161 U.S.A.
Phone: (301) 424-0546, (800) 237-4512
FAX: (301) 424-6961

500mg, 100,000 units/g of lytic activity
$380 (as of mid-January, 1994)

My 1994 ICN catalog lists the price of Zymolyase 100T as $645.65/500mg. I
can't guarantee it is the same stuff or the prices if you are getting a
discount, but it sure seems to be the same stuff I bought from Kirin
through Seikagaku some time back. Anyway, it makes Zymolyase cheaper,
although probably not cheap if you are using very large amounts of it.


Keith G. Weinstock
The Institute for Genomic Research
kgweinst at tigr.org

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