Strain D273-10B, 2 micron circle?

Melissa J Blacketer mjb at
Mon Jan 31 21:20:51 EST 1994

I am currently trying to map a set of genes with recessive mutations
using the 2 micron chromosome loss procedure of Wakem and Sherman.  
These mutations are in strain D273-10B; source A. Tzagoloff.  Does
anyone know if this strain contains a 2 micron circle (necessary for
FLP function)?  I am visually screening the diploids created by 
mating these mutants to the 2 micron tester strains.  After 2 replications
on nonselective media, I still do not see the reappearance of the mutant
phenotype in any of the sixteen strains.  Comments from anyone who has
had success with this procedure would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

					Melissa Blacketer
					mjb at


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