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> Dear Yeaster Buddies,
> Does anyone out there know where I can order some low-cost frog ponds. Just in 
> case people use different terms, frog ponds are used with multi-prong 
> inoculators to make yeast patches on plates with cells suspended in liquid 
> media. They have wells that correspond to the prongs in the inoculator. Right 
> now, we have a metal pond which costed us over $100. I would like to find out
> who sells cheaper ones.
> Thanks in advance,
> KC.
> ger4 at

We call the device a frogger, although when I worked in England my lab
misunderstood me and called it a "fogger" for some time.  I had our
in-house shop build me two such "multi-pronged inoculation manifolds",and
made them to fit standard 96 well plastic tissue culture plates.  


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