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> Dear Yeaster Buddies,
> Does anyone out there know where I can order some low-cost frog ponds. Just in 
> case people use different terms, frog ponds are used with multi-prong 
> inoculators to make yeast patches on plates with cells suspended in liquid 
> media. They have wells that correspond to the prongs in the inoculator. Right 
> now, we have a metal pond which costed us over $100. I would like to find out
> who sells cheaper ones.
> Thanks in advance,
> KC.
> ger4 at

Our in-house workshop did some experimenting and found out that Macrolon 
(produced by ???) is an exellent material for the ponds. It looks very 
similar to plexiglass, put can be autoclaved without deformation. It is 
probably cheaper and definitely much easier to work on for the workshop 
crew than aluminium. The corresponding frogger they made of an aluminium 
plate and steel rods. 

Hope it helps

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