dyad and triad asci

Larry Gilbertson gilberts at molbio.uoregon.edu
Wed Jun 29 17:50:05 EST 1994

	We sometimes run into a problem where our S. cerevisiae strains that
usually produce normal looking four-spored asci at high frequencies
suddenly start making only two- and three-spored asci (roughly half dyad,
half triad). The total sporulation frequency remains high, but few of the
asci manage to make four spores. We have no idea what causes this. We have
tried remaking most  components of the media, and have tried various
sporulation and presporulation conditions with no success. Generally we
have no choice but to change strain backgrounds (only certain strains seem
to have this problem).

	Has anyone else encountered this problem and successively solved it? Can
you give us some help?

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