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Thu Jun 30 16:41:25 EST 1994

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>Subject:        Germination
>Date sent:      30 Jun 1994 14:26:36 -0700
>Greetings spore (ts) fans,
>Nothing personal, but this group has been pretty boring as of late.  In an
>effort to stimulate an exchange of speculation, I pose the following 
>What triggers a spore to germinate?  Does it "sense" a rich nutrient
>environment?  If so, how does it do it?  I thought spores are impregnable? 
> How
>long do yeast (and I mean all kinds of yeasts) spores remain viable in the
>absense of nutrients?
>Best wishes for platform and poster preparations,
>Charlie Hoffman
>Boston College
>Dept. of Biology
>"I'd rather be fission."

Why would one assume that the nutrients must be transported into the cell. 
 Would it not make more sense for transporters to bind nutrients much like 
a receptor.  This triggers cascades within the cell resulting in re-
awakening processes, including reactivation of the transporters and 
opening of channels.
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