Aspergillus anyone?

Colin Rasmussen colin_rasmussen at
Fri Sep 2 11:59:49 EST 1994

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(Jaime Arenas) wrote:

>         Is it necessary to handle the plates under a hood to prevent
sreading of
> spores throughout the lab. and possibly contaminating everithing else?
>         If so, what kind of hood are you using and what other precautions are
> advisable?

No, we just work on the benchtop with a bunsen burner going to keep
nasties out of the plates. They don't seem to release spores in any kind
of excessive way, and other than harvesting conidia you don't really
disturb them much right ?.  Lastly, we do mammalian cell culture in the
same lab as we do Aspergillus and yeast work, and in 3 yrs plus we have
never had a contamination of a cell culture (once found a HeLa cell on a
yeast plate though - kidding). Hope this helps.

Colin Rasmussen

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