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Robert Preston rapr at MED.PITT.EDU
Tue Sep 6 12:02:22 EST 1994

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> From: Arnoud Kal <KAL at>
> Subject: gray colour extract
> I am trying to break large amounts of yeast cells with glass beads
> in a Sorvall Omni-mixer or in a Waring blender. The problem is
> that the cell go in as a brownish suspension, but after mixing and
> blending the cell extract has a gray colour. I never see this when
> I make extracts in eppendorf tubes. Can it be the buffer in combination
Arnoud, does it matter? Do you want a protein or do you want a prettier
color than grey in an extract.  You can add some methylene blue, if you
just want a prettier color.  Or is your protein not there, or do you just
like to worry? :-)

Rob Preston
rapr at

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