The complete sequence of yeast chromosome II (807,188 bp)

Francis Ouellette francis at BORDUAS.NLM.NIH.GOV
Sat Sep 10 13:05:05 EST 1994

Warner Mewes announced:

> From: MEWES at
> Subject: The complete sequence of yeast chromosome II (807,188 bp)
> Date: 9 Sep 1994 13:40:27 -0700

>  A dataset of nucleic acid and protein sequence data is now
>  available at the following international ftp-sites:
> ([anonymous.yeast.chrii])
> (/pub/databases/yeast_chrii)
> (/pub/yeast/genome_seq/chrII)

for those of you on the east coast of North America, this dataset is
also available by anonymous FTP from NCBI at:
(IP address

Login as anonymous, use your email address as a password and 
cd (change directory) to:


There is a compressed unix tar file (chrii_ftp.tar.Z) which contains all
the files present in that directory.  All the individual files are 
also there.

regards to all, and congrats to Horst Feldmann and his colleagues for
getting chromosome II sequenced and analyzed.


| B.F. Francis Ouellette  
| francis at   

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