The complete sequence of yeast chromosome II (807,188 bp)

Reinhard Doelz doelz at
Sun Sep 11 12:26:40 EST 1994

Francis Ouellette (francis at BORDUAS.NLM.NIH.GOV) wrote:
: Werner Mewes announced:

: > From: MEWES at
: > Subject: The complete sequence of yeast chromosome II (807,188 bp)
: > Date: 9 Sep 1994 13:40:27 -0700

: >  A dataset of nucleic acid and protein sequence data is now
: >  available at the following international ftp-sites:
: >
: > ([anonymous.yeast.chrii])
: > (/pub/databases/yeast_chrii)
: > (/pub/yeast/genome_seq/chrII)

: for those of you on the east coast of North America, this dataset is
: also available by anonymous FTP from NCBI at:
: (IP address

If you happen to be connected to the Hierarchical Access System for 
Sequence Libraries in Europe (HASSLE), the DNA sequences of chromosome II
in 378 sequences (roughly 1 mio bp) have been extracted from Werner's files
as announced above, and are searchable via BLAST and FASTA, or retrievable
via HFETCH services, if you add the resource pointers 

 chrii     chrii  GUEST DEMO 120

to the support.dat file for FASTA and HFETCH, and 

 chrii           dna             hassle

to the blastdata.dat file for the BLAST services. The 'nr' of HASSLE BLAST 
inherits these sequences as of monday morning 3:00 UTC (10-sep) after the 
nightly recalculation has occurred. 

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