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Barbes-Morin Guillaume barbesmg at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Thu Sep 15 15:52:18 EST 1994

shirek at FHS.CSU.MCMASTER.CA (Kathy Shire) writes:

>Hi guys!

>There was a problem (a while ago) about screening a library and getting a
>redundant reduntant clone (was it gal4?).

>The question was "is there a way to pre-screen clones?" 

>Recently, I have experienced the same problem with a different, out of
>frame, protein.  There is a way to screen your clones before doing large
>scale preps and sequencing.  Do a restriction analysis of the evil piece of
>DNA and digest small scale DH5a (shuttled from yeast).  I have managed to
>get 4 clones (thank God!) out of 150 that don't resemble the out-of-frame
>protein without a lot of extra work.

>I hope this will help in some way.

>You're not alone...


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