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Michael Lichten lichten%bchem.dnet at DXI.NIH.GOV
Mon Sep 19 16:40:00 EST 1994

Scott Diede asked about a replacement for Filemaker Pro.  John Roth has 
been promoting a program written by Warren Kibbe at Northwestern.  It is 
apparently capable of very fast searches of flat text files.  I have not 
tried it yet (Dr. Kibbe is asking $99 for it, and getting NIH to buy 
something from a non-standard vendor is too much trouble), but from the 
spec sheet it looks very nice.  Has anyone out there any experience with it

Dr. Kibbe's email address is (was) W.Kibbe at  His mailing 
address is Suite 100, 1144 Sherman Ave., Evanston IL 60202-1336.

An ethical note:  The above message in no way constitutes an endorsement of 
this product.  I offer it for the purposes of information only.  I hope 
that this doesn't violate some obscure, unspoken rule of internet protocol.

Michael Lichten
lichten at

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