phloxine B

John Cannon cannon at MEDSCI.MBP.MISSOURI.EDU
Mon Sep 26 08:33:58 EST 1994

We have used phloxine B many times for viability testing (Genetics 113:
247-264 (1986)). Use at 20 mg per liter is recommended; although you can
adjust this if you need to regulate the color intensity. It is added before 
autoclaving and we have used it in many different kinds of plates. It is
_very_ useful for scoring temperature-sensitive mutations because you get
the additional color trait as well as the slow growth. In instances where
there is a variable viability trait, the colr inor intensity can be scored.
Colony color on phloxine B plates is relatively sensitive. If you scrape
the cell from lightly or darkly staining colonies, you can see that less
than 10% of the cells are stained in the dark stained and <<1% in the
light stained.

John Cannon
Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri 65212

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