overexpression libraries

gibbs gibbs at sbsu1.auckland.ac.nz
Thu Sep 29 01:11:36 EST 1994

Dear netters
Im a PhD working with metal toxicity in yeast.  Ive been using a multicopy
overexpression genomic library (in YEp24) to look for tolerance genes with
my favorite metal.  Has anyone out there used a similar strategy and had
any problems (e.g. getting clones which somehow 'artifacts' of the strain
used, or clones which appear to be unrelated to the toxicity studied?).  I
have seen two reports of successful use of this strategy (isolation of Na
tolerance and divalent ion tolerance genes), but of course you dont hear
about the ones that go wrong!  Any info/comments on the possible pitfalls
of this type of experiment would be appreciated.

Colin MacDiarmid

school of biological sciences, university of auckland, new zealand
macdiarm at sbsu1.aukuni.ac.nz

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