Two Hybrid Sceening Problem

Fri Apr 7 14:24:35 EST 1995

Hello Wim,

what about you screen them after your transformation on SD -W -L -H +3AT
and then grid the upcoming colonies onto SD -W -L to get colonies big enough
for the filter assay?

Just an idea, but please let me know in case this helps,
 good luck!

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>Subject: Two Hybrid Screening Problem
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>Hello ...,
>In using CG-1945 for a two hybrid screening I'm having trouble in obtaining
>colonies big enough to lift (for the lysis in liquid nitrogen). The colonies 
>start growing after 2-3 days but stop after 5 days. How can I overcome this ? 
>e.g. changing X-gal assay, or using different plating techniques (I'm using SD 
>plates lacking LEU,TRP & HIS, 5 mM 3-TA). All suggestions are welcome.
>Thanks for your time
>Wim Van Criekinge
>E-mail:Wvcrieki at

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