yeast genomic library with drug resistance marker

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>> I am looking for a yeast genomic library in a yeast vector which carries some

>> drug resistance marker that functions in yeast. I need to select library 
>> transformants on YPD, since the mutant phenotype I would like to complement 
>> is only observable on YPD. Any helpful comments are highly welcome.

>I know the hygromycin marker works in yeasts. I don't know if
>anyone has constructed a library using it.  I believe neo also works.

You have serveral vectors for drug resistance in yeast: G450 (I think I am
not wrong in the numbers), hygromycin, cycloheximide, belomycin, fleomycin
sulfometuron and perhaps some others.

The first three have been developped essentially in Dr A. Jimenez lab
in Spain. His e-mail is ajimenez at

I do not think that he has made a gene library with any of them. But perhaps
you can obtain a plasmid to construct the library.

I recommend you to make first a bibliographic research.

I hope this helps.

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