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Hoffmacs Hoffmacs at HERMES.BC.EDU
Sat Apr 8 05:26:27 EST 1995

One can put the DNA from the "total prep" over a mini-prep column (people in
my lab have used the Wizard preps from Promega) to improve transformation of
E. coli.  We have not looked to see if the result is to reduce the relative
amount of genomic DNA.  I hope this helps.

Charlie Hoffman
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Ryan O'Neill	 
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I am interested in finding out whether or not there exists a plasmid prep  
from yeast that eliminates the contaminating genomic DNA that is present 
in the phenol/chloroform/glass beads protocol. I am trying to transform 
e. coli (HB101) with this DNA and it will not work.  I am attempting to  
isolating the plasmid pGAD10 containing an insert which possibly   
interacts with my bait in the two-hybrid system. 
                                Thank you. 

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